Our goals

The program’s goals are represented in 4 facets in order to achieve an efficient level of performance that are tailored to individual learning and the aims of Vision Soccer (V.S.).

  • Offer more technically individualized training in order to prepare for the summer season, the region’s elite programs and to maintain excellent technical training.
  • The physical aspect is something that many can forget, V.S. wishes through training to form better players physically.
  • V.S. wishes to be complementary and diversify the offerings around soccer in order to allow young people to be more fulfilled in their sport.
  • Vision Soccer sees as a mental and tactical objective a modern obligation for all soccer players. The mental / tactical objective is not limited to a session, it is a progressive work which is part of the program.

Les performances individuelles, ce n’est pas le plus important. On perd et on gagne en équipe.


Anthony et Hakim sont des entraîneurs exceptionnels: très fort techniquement et dans leur approche avec les enfants " Il est clair qu'ils adorent leur travail et ils transmettent bien leur passion du soccer aux enfants. Travailler avec eux est un réel plaisir.

Catherine Vézina (Parent)

Nous sommes très satisfaits des entraînements avec Hakim et Anthony. Avec eux nos enfants ont beaucoup progressés. Ils ont un don pour maximiser le potentiel de chaque enfant.

Étienne Matte (Parent)

Anthony et Hakim sont vraiment les meilleurs entraîneurs, toujours contents d'être là et très connaissant.

Émile (Joueur U12MD1 - Masson-Angers)

"Hakim et Anthony nous faisaient faire de bons exercices et nous encourageaient à toujours nous dépasser"

Alexis (Joueur U12MD1 - Masson-Angers)

The technicians

Originally from the South of France, Anthony DELION graduated from the UEFA A License (National B License) and the DTC (Club Technical Director course). A player since the age of 5 in a club in the city of Montpellier, soccer has allowed him to live from this passion in the world and to work for renowned clubs in France.

Assistant technical director for 3 years with ASH, coach of the “Sports études” program (ARSO) for 2 years and coach in regional selection, he knows the soccer environment very well here in Outaouais. Coach for 10 years now, he has coached high-level players, some of whom are playing in Ligue 1 in France today and has been recently named best coach (elite coach) AA / AAA.

Hakim TEBIB, soccer player from an early age. He played at a good level in Algeria, which allowed him to acquire a lot of theoretical and practical experience. A graduate and trained in the Provincial B license, LRSO manager with the ASG, technician of the “Sports étude” program and coach of regional selections allows him to be a valued coach in Outaouais.

Living in Quebec for 8 years, Hakim has coached AA / AAA teams in the Outaouais region and now wishes to bring his experience to young people in the region with Vision Soccer.