Refund policy

Member in good standing

In order for a regular member to be considered a member in good standing of Vision Soccer, to be able to participate in any activity of the organization, he must comply with the following conditions:

Not owe any amount of money (90 days past due) to Vision Soccer.
Have complied with the general regulations of Vision Soccer
Not getting kicked out of Vision Soccer
Refund policy for day camps

All registrations must be paid on the website via the Amilia platform.
Any cancellation following the registration of your child will incur a penalty of $50 per week cancelled.
No refund once the week has started.
Late Fee Policy:

Fees of $25 per 10-minute increment will be required and payable the same day:

For any delay when the daycare service closes, starting at 5:30 p.m.
Visit our Facebook page @Vision Soccer.

For more information, please contact Vision Soccer at or by phone at 819-329-2493.