Semi-private lessons

  • Unique groups U6 (2014) to U12 (2008)

Semi-private lessons

  • Program 1 – From February 2nd to March 7th 2020
  • Program 2 – From March 21st to April 19th 2020

Semi-private lessons

  • La Fonderie (211 Montcalm, Gatineau)

Semi-private lessons

  • 100$ (4 practices – 4h)

From February 2nd to April 19th 2020

The “semi-private lessons” program will allow all players in the region to benefit from additional practices. 4 practices (4h) will be offered at La Fonderie building from February to March and from March to April at a cost of $100.

The lessons will allow young players to live, understand, analyze, master multiple skills, player follow-up, technical and tactical development, logbook and note book, home exercises (individualized homework), sharing lessons and more …. necessary for success in high performance soccer.

Throughout the program, the Vision Soccer team will set up sessions according to the needs of each participant, young people will have personalized high-quality follow-up from the most professional staff in the region.

The program will be offered over two periods during the winter and will be open to U6 (2014) to U12 (2008) for a maximum of 8 kids per session.

Program 1 – From February 2nd to March 7th

  • February 2nd (15h30 to 16h30), February 16th (11h to 12h), February 22nd (13h to 14h) and March 7th (15h to 16h) – 100$


Program 2 – From March 21st to April 19th

  • March 21st (13h to 14h), March 28th (18h30 to 19h30), April 11th (11h to 12h) and April 19th (10h to 11h) – 100$